How Is MoxxyWell Different?

MoxxyWell produces premium CBD based products specifically formulated for women.  Our products are different and we can prove it. 

OUR HEMP: MoxxyWell products are derived from specific strains of hemp plants with unique genetic profiles rich in hard-to-find cannabinoids. We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality hemp that is organically grown from the best hemp producers in the western United States.

OUR TECHNOLOGY: MoxxyWell uses the most advanced extraction technology in the world with our manufacturing partner, Intrepid Biosciences. MoxxyWell products have unique major and minor cannabinoid profiles that are isolated and combine using this state of the art technology in order to produce the best premium CBD products available.

OUR TESTING & DOSING: At MoxxyWell, we take our purity testing and dosing standards seriously. Our CBD is tested from extraction to final product internally and externally with third-party labs to guarantee that we have the highest quality products with the most consistent dozing standards possible. MoxxyWell makes all of our lab results available to our customers to ensure full transparency and build trust that what we say, is exactly what you will always get.